Import NinjaTrader scripts downloaded from Bitbucket repository

As we host some scripts on, some people are not familiar with importing them.So, you should do the following: Download the repository by clicking button & Download. Extract the contents of the first folder you see on archive. Put the contents into .zip archive Import that .zip archive from NinjaTrader by Tools>Import>NinjaTrader addon ... Read More

“Resolution” argument is incompatible [TradingView]

Few days ago, TradingView introduced the new functionality – the “resolution” parameter for pinescript studies. However, in some cases, you might get the error message when building the scripts: The ‘resolution’ argument is incompatible with functions that have side effects. The reason seems the dynamic functions, which are label and line functions. As they are ... Read More

Style inputs for Label/Line (TradingView / PineScript)

Style input for Label & Line kodify (here and here) show the examples that are the only possible ways to create inputs for label or line parameters. for Line: myLineStyle = input( options=["solid (─)", "dotted (┈)", "dashed (╌)", "arrow left (←)", "arrow right (→)", "arrows both (↔)"], defval="solid (─)") lineStyleChooser(s)=>(s == "dotted (┈)") ? line.style_dotted ... Read More

Transparent (opacity) color input for TradingView/PineScript drawing

Unfortunately, on TradingView till date (PineScript v4), there is no ability to create color inputs, neither for plots (only from Style-properties,but not as input) nor for Drawing elements (like Line or Label). Moreover, there is no ability to set “user-selected” transparency for colors (i.e. for functions like (again, not to even mention for line/label). ... Read More

[BEWARE] Displaced “Plot In The Past” & Repainting indicators

[Chapter 1] Displaced Indicators We are getting many queries asking to create strategies which rely on ZigZag, Swing, Pivot or similar indicators. Unfortunately (in most cases), it is not possible in reality, because such indicators are frequently built with “Plot In the past” principle, which is STRONGLY UNRECOMMENDED to be used for any trading purposes. ... Read More

Why same indicator (formula) provide different result (output) among different platforms?

Same indicator with different results in different platforms? You will always see that exactly same indicators and formulas provide different results among the different platforms (i.e. NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader, TradingView, ThinkOrSwim, Interactive Brokers, etc…) You may ask why? If we consider that the formula is correct, then could be 2 possible cause: Reason #1 – ... Read More

DON’T use “SLOPE” in technical indicators & calculations

In trading world, you might see some people, novice traders or even novice coders, who use the concept of slope in charts & trading. For example, they might look at the below yellow line and say, it’s might be around 45° slope (angle). However, there DOESN’T EXIST ANY SLOPE in trading. Don’t get misleaded. Let’s ... Read More


( FUTURE-LOOKING scripts know where it will go) Pre-Amble Many people can find strategies or indicators, that seem to give quite goo & profitable signals. However, non-technical people and novice traders doesn’t know the “dark” side of scripting, and they should know one detrimental thing if they want not to get misleaded. Please read this ... Read More

Import Data (feed) files into NinjaTrader (7/8)

Many people found it difficult to import the data(datafeed files) into NinjaTrader trading software. Below, the video shows some simple steps about how to import data-feed files into NinjaTrader(similar steps needed for version 7 or version 8)   p.s. To download EXAMPLE Intra-day data, visit this link – downloading intra-day files,  where you will find ... Read More

Obtain correctly Previous Bar’s data for secondary timeframe (ThinkOrSwim)

OPEN/HIGH/LOW/CLOSE of secondary timeframe If you use ThinkOrSwim platform, and wanted to code an indicator/strategy, where you have to use secondary timeframe data, then you should code that correctly, because it has some hidden glitches. Well, when you want to get values of prior bar of secondary timeframe (using i.e. close_secondary_data[1] command), then in some cases, ... Read More