Adding input to indicator


I was searching for a simple way to add an input (bool,integer,double, string, etc…)  programmatically into existing NT indicator or strategy, without need to re-create the script from the start using the wizard.

I’ve found this topic on NinjaTrader forum, so, fortunately, everything was easier. You simply do these steps:

1) Add the region block (You can copy existing one and modify it):

[Range(1, int.MaxValue)]             //<------- only in case if you need it at all.
[Display(Name="MyVariable", Order=2, GroupName="Parameters")]
public int MyVariable
{ get; set; }

2) put such variable in if (State == State.SetDefaults) block :

MyVariable = 123;

3) Click COMPILE the script (F5) and it will automatically update the code (namespace blocks and etc..)

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