Alerts for TradingView Strategies

TradingView Strategy Alert

NOTE: This is voluntarily experiment, so, use at your own discretion.

TradingView strategies doesn’t have a builtin ability to create alerts (by 2019 yet). In the meanwhile, whoever wants to get an experimental extension, which can catch strategy alerts, it to use the the sample extension (that can be customized). It only provides sound alert at this moment.

At first, create a sample strategy, like this:

and attach to chart. Then download the experimental extension:
(source code at GitHub)

which will look like this screenshot:

All you have, it to check the CHECKBOXES of colors, that are desired criterias’ plotchar . Then wait for the first signal and you will hear sound alert (and sample log in browser console). 

Technically, it catches the DOM changes. There are more reliable ways (  i.e. to directly catch the javascript data for “Strategy tab->list of trades” container) for I was not able to do that.


Interested parties, who wish take over the script & copyright, contact the developer.

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