Same indicator with different results in different platforms?

You will always see that exactly same indicators and formulas provide different results among the different platforms (i.e. NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader, TradingView, ThinkOrSwim, Interactive Brokers, etc…)

You may ask why?

If we consider that the formula is correct, then could be 2 possible cause:

Reason #1 – DataFeed

First reason can be Datafeed. Different platforms use different brokers. And different brokers might use different exchanges or market-data providers itself. Causing a long chain of slight possible price variations. So, for example, if for the current bar for AAPL open price was at 385.12, on another exchange you might see i.e. 385.11 or ..13 Even tick different is important for calculations, because if indicator formula has i.e.:

Show-Signal-Arrow If Price > High (which could be i.e. 385.12)
then on first platform (where price is at 385.12 the condition will result in false while in another platform it results in true (causing the example signal to be shown on chart).

Reason #2 – Chart

Second reason might be available bars on chart. Some indicators can be dependent even on the first bar of the chart (i.e. cumulative or aggregative indicators), so if on first platform you have amount of X bars amount on chart, and on another platform you have Y bars amount on chart, the same formula will give you the different results in that case.

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