Well, it might not be easy to understand those values using TradeStation Help Documentation,  because I think there is not satisfying explanation.

What is and How to use them

Remember, that 3 of them (MinMove, PointValue and PriceScale) are important parameters, and they should be provided by Platform. Other reserved words (Point, BigPointValue..) are just calculated depending from those 3 values, so, you only need them.


1) PriceScale  – This is a pre-determined parameter (Platform gives you specific PriceScale value per symbol), you dont need to manually determine it.   PriceScale  is a number (i.e. 100) which represents the fractional portion of a full point move for a symbol.This is not obtained by calculations, instead this is a FIXED parameter and different symbols have different PriceScale (Platform provides those variable numbers).  I mean, how many digits are after dot.  For example, many stocks have like this:
  here PriceScale is 10000 [5 digits after dot] (This is for i.e. EUR/USD )
 here PriceScale is 100 [2 digits after dot]   (This is for E-Mini S&P, and I will use this one in future paragraphs)

p.s. You may think, that in these cases, i.e. for E-MINI price change happens by 0.01 , but that’s not always true.. let’s discuss it a bit later).
So, remember, what is PriceScale. Shortly, it indicates “how many digits after dot”.


Point –  it is a bit confusing value, sometimes it’s called pip in forex community.  It is  1 / PriceScale (but in some symbols, like 3 or 5 digit symbols, that value should be multiplied by 10).   For example, for AUDUSD, PriceScale is 100000 , but point it’s 0.0001.


2) PointValue – This is a what TradeStation automatically assigns depending on symbol. This is a market value of one Point.  For example, one Point of E-MINI (which is 0.01)  value is 0.50 .  So, you can say that PointValue is 0.50 for E-MINI.


3) MinMove (Minimum Movement Amount of Points) – we should remember the difference among these one for any symbol:

MinMove – This is a pre-determined parameter (Platform gives you specific MinMove value per symbol). For example, as  I’ve mentioned in the beginning, one E-MINI Point is 0.01 ( and PointValue is 0.50 as we said) , but on the chart, you will see that price doesnt change by 1 point (0.01 increment), but it changes by 25 (MinMove) points, which is 0.25 increment (call this one Minimum Movement in price).

Let’s summarize (for example: E-MINI )

– one Point  (of symbol price) is: 0.01
PointValue is: 0.50
MinMove(Minimum Movement amount) of points  is: 25
Minimum Movement in price is:  0.25 (lets call it TickSize)
Minimum Movement in contract value is:
25(MinMove) * 0.50(PointValue) = 12.5   
(lets call it TickValue)

p.s.  BigPointValue

BigPointValue – This is nothing  special. Platform just automatically calculates and gives you how much value (per contract)  has 1 full point move. This is:  amount of Points in 1 full point (a.k.a. PriceScale)  * PointValue.
For example, for E-MINI, it is :     100 (because PriceScale is 100 )  *  0.5 (PointValue) = 50

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